A Project by Addie Wagenknecht and Pablo Garcia
Made for "Economics + The Immaterial", an exhibit for Run Computer Run (Part of /GLITCH) At Rua Red (South Dublin Arts Centre), Ireland.

Direct Link to Waiting on /GLITCH

Everything is faster, and yet we still wait. Loading, booting (and rebooting), buffering—represented in spinning wheels, progress bars and completion percentages are the imposed pauses on our daily lives. A click takes an instant. The hope for a response grows stronger during that interminable wait.Waiting looks at the most mundane part of our day through the graphic representations built to help us wait.

The spinning wheel’s sole purpose is to assure us that things have not frozen, merely loading. But the spinners are subject to the same glitches they are there to hide. Angst arises quickly when the spinning wheel stops spinning, if even for a split second. All we can do is wait.