Vantage Tees

Most tees are the same: splashy graphic or logo centered on a shirt for others to read. Vantage Tees are site-specific art pieces using optical illusions and body-specific effects to change everything about how people interact with their attire. Some shirts look different if you are looking at them or wearing them. Some ask you to be really close or really far. Others take time to see them. Vantage Tees will look different to everyone—it all depends on your vantage point.

Vantage Tees are wearable art pieces, designed by Pablo Garcia and hand-printed with supreme quality and care at The Cotton Factory, Pittsburgh. Each month, we offer a selection of shirts for sale. Pre-order anytime until the cut-off date, and your shirt will be hand-printed in a single run—our monthly edition—and shipped to you. Some shirts will then be retired, while others will be offered next time alongside new designs.

Vantage Tees: Her (Anamorphosis)
Vantage Tees: Him (Anamorphosis)
Vantage Tees: Memento Mori (Near/Far) [Discharge Printing]
Vantage Tees: Memento Mori (Near/Far)