Untitled (Dance)

This dance fractures and distorts the relationship between two figures through a variety of visual filters. Dancers move through various thresholds of space defined by the frame of a camera and its simultaneous projection. The camera frame overlaps its live feed projection after reflecting in a large ballet mirror. The overlap creates a feedback zone, which multiplies the images created by figures crossing the video cone of vision. As dancers cross the various projection fields, their image, shadows and reflections supplement physical movements with virtual counterpoint. Boundary crossings are translated into multiple virtual dancers in the form of projection, shadow, and mirror figures.

The accompanying music and the choreography are a fugue—a contrapuntal theme and variation in which multiple voices are added subsequent to an expository phrase. The dancers begin center stage, free of the visual impact zones. They soon spiral outwards, crossing projection cones, revealing various screen compositions. The dance climaxes with the maximum permutations of virtual dancers repeating the initial theme.

Two dancers cross various projection zones. A video camera (lower left) aims at a large mirror (right) and overlaps its live projection (upper left). The apparent number of dancers multiply on screen as the real dancers cross zones.