Passport Project

PASSPORT is an international drawing project which will collect a series of drawings produced by twenty-four authors into a single bound volume. The book was launched from Melbourne, Australia and travel around the world from June 2010 until June 2011.

Building around the theme of 'urban production', each contributor is given a two-page spread and two weeks to produce a drawing. In the end the book will operate as both a collection individual, local responses and a collaborative documentation of urbanism internationally.

What kind of urban document can best translate the local experience to an international audience? For the Pittsburgh pages, I set up in three locations around Pittsburgh, each looking toward the city focal point: the confluence of the Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio rivers. The views were drawn with a camera lucida. These drawings were copied into the Passport book spread as obliquely distorted images. In the center, a city plan coordinates the views. Anywhere in the world, a user can place the book flat on a table and align the cardinal directions in the book with a local compass. Viewing each drawing at an oblique angle will replicate the view as seen from the corresponding orientation in Pittsburgh.

Passport Project Website
Project Curator: Gretchen Wilkins

Three elevated locations provide views toward the convergence of the three Pittsburgh rivers.
The Passport Project book layout, showing three views superimposed on a coordinating map.
To properly view the anamorphically generated images, the reader must view the drawings from an oblique angle.