Incident Angles

Incident Angles is an ongoing project documenting paintings in museums around the world. In hanging artwork and their accompanying lighting, museums take care to avoid offending glare, displaying their art in the most even and flattering light. Adjusting exposure and vantage point, familiar paintings are transformed, elucidating the subtle relief in old master paintings as well as the varied lighting strategies and ceiling treatments designed to be invisible to the viewer.

Archival Inkjet Prints on Photo Rag Baryta Paper. Edition of 3.

Included in PABLO GARCIA: FLAT at Novella Gallery
08 February—02 March 2014

London (Caravaggio), 2009
New York (Ingres), 2009
Paris, 2009
Paris, 2009
Paris (Hands), 2009
Copenhagen, 2010
New York, 2007
Chicago (Cezanne), 2005
Paris (Gerrit Dou), 2009
Copenhagen, 2010
Copenhagen (Hammershøi) 2010
Copenhagen, 2010
Chicago (Whistler) 2006
London (Piero della Francesca), 2009